About Me

Hey I’m Sam, I’m 22. I am A+ certified and I’m currently working full time at an IT help desk. I usually have Fridays and Saturdays off.
I do own a few pets, the one y’all will mostly see on stream is Mr. Waffle the bunny. I also have 2 cats: Tabbi and Daisy.
I did have a dog, Miss Honey. She recently passed in June of this year.

When I’m not working I like to play computer games, and stream them.I love playing The Sims, Sims 3 is what got me hooked! Now I’ve been playing Sims 4, I also love Minecraft, GTA 5, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Rocket League. And I do stream some creative coloring streams every so often.

Occasionally I’ll post YouTube videos, I’m working on finding some editing software and learning some editing skills. Until then I’ll most likely just re-upload my VODs from Twitch.


My Pets